CarLover Founder : Jay Li who is car model collector Since he was 2 years old ,and his first collection was his birthday gift from his dad ......a Tomica Match box car  , from this lovely Tiny die cast model , he started to collect all different brand of die cast model ,searching all information about die cast model ,joined in some forum (as many as us )  , started trading die cast business in a forum ,in this 10 years we  now become one of the car model major supplier in China & International

Our Main business is wholesales & Distribution ship in China ,supply for 90%  online store seller in China over 60 sellers , and supply to Hong Kong , South East Asia ,Europe ,America  retail store 

as we said our business is started at international , Although now our business mainly for Wholesales & distributor section, but to keep in touch with the market, our international retail business still going on and provide international delivery 

Our Facebook Group have about 8,320 members till now, it is fun and we can share and offer our product directly to all collector 

And we have 12000 subscribers so far until now (1st Aug 2023) in Youtube 

we are trying to make our selling price more compatible , but we believe service also important ,we are trying step by step to open for all country , but we need time to find the best and cheapest courier cost for our customer (as you know we can try as cheap as possible for selling price but we cannot lower down the courier charge),if you are interest in our product but your country is not in our list, please feel free to drop us a email in

we are partnership with most of the major courier as below





China Sole Distributor as below Brand 






we are welcome for any suggestion and feedback too.

please remember this is not just a business for us , but most important : this is our hobbies ! we love Model car as everyone of you

Company Name : Car Lover Die Cast


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