we accept most of the major brand & model , please kindly contact us for a quote,prices can be quoted with Diecast + modify all in one package


Nissan Fairlady 1:18 Japanese Police Car LED modify by carloverdiecast Newborn Team



Rolls Royce Phantom EWB 1:18 Kyosho ,LED modified 


 AUTOart 1 18 NISSAN GTR R34 NISMO R1 LED Tuning 


AUTOart 1 18 NISSAN GTR R33 琦玉县警察 Japan Police Car LED Tuning by carloverdiecast.com 


AUTOart 1 18 NISSAN 尼桑GTR R32神奈川县警察 japan police car LED Tuning by carloverdiecast.com 




Mercedes-Benz S-Klasse LED Tuning


Lexus LFA LED Tuning




Audi A6L TFSI LED Tuning by Carloverdiecast.com







Mclaren F1 Autoart





Kyosho BMW family gathering ,ALL LED tuned  


LED Tuning Bugatti Veyron EB 16.4 Autoart  ,Modified By CLDC NB Team


LED Tuning Toyota Camry 1:18 Dealer Edition 


LED Tuning Welly GTA 1 18 Pagani Huayra



LED Tuning BMW M3 E92 Coupe By Carloverdiecast.com 




Toyota AE 86 1:18 Autoart ,LED modified by CLDC NB Team 






BMW M3/M6 safety car Kyosho ,LED modified 





Audi A8 D3 W12 Kyosho,LED Tuning Modified by Carloverdiecast 


LED-Tuning Mercedes-Benz CLS-Classe CLS500 1:18 Kyosho ,Modified By CLDC NB Team 


LED Tuning Mini Coopers S 1:18 Autoart ,Modified By CLDC NB Team (Ready Made)



LED Tuning Mercedes-Benz C-Klasse S204 Touring 1:18 AA,Modified By CLDC NB Team





Lamborghini LP700 4 LED Tuning Modify Autoart




LED Tuning Subaru police car & Mit EVO by Carloverdiecast Team 


 LED Tuning Subaru Impreza WRX STI Japan Police Car 1:18 Autoart ,Modified By CLDC NB Team 


 BMW M1 series 1:18 kyosho LED Tuning modified by CLDC NB Team 


LED-Tuning BMW 760Li 750 new 7 Series Extended F02 1:18 Kyosho ,Modified By CLDC NB Team 


LED -Tuning Audi Q5 SUV 1:18 Dealer Edition Modified by CLDC NB Team 


LED-Tuning Audi R8 V10 1:18 Kyosho ,Modified By CLDC NB Team 



LED Tuning for TOYOTA Land Cruiser 200 Dealer Edition 1:18  


LED Tuning HUMMER H2 1 18 Highway61 modified by carloverdiecast.com 


 LED Tuning Volkswagen SAGITAR modified by carloverdiecast.com 



Ford Mustang Saleen S281 LED Tuning 


AUTOart 1 18 Shelby GT500 2010 LED Tuning 




 Mercedes-Benz 500SEC LED tuning by carloverdiecast.com 




 AUTOart 1 18 Lamborghini LP560 4 POLICE LED tuning by carloverdiecast.com 


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